Graphics 101 Course

Marketing Your Message With Graphics | taught by The Launch4Life Team


Graphics 101 Course

Marketing Your Message With Graphics

Calling all entrepreneurs and business professionals!

  • Do you want to create eye-catching Social Media posts but don’t know how?
  • Do you feel that only a graphic artist can make attractive newsletters?
  • Do you struggle to figure out what to put in the header of your blog?

Many people think about using online images but don’t know where to look and whether its legal or not?

We have designed a graphics course that is for all Online Marketer newbies. Whether you need graphics for your social media platforms, your blogs, your newsletters or you lead magnets, we have you covered.

In this two part class you'll learn:

Class #1:

  • Why use graphics?
  • Where to use graphics to market your business
  • Legalities of using other people’s stuff (yes you can get sued)
  • Best resources for finding Free graphics to use (royalty free with no attribution)
  • Learn to use some simple and free graphic/text programs - no tech skills required!
  • Graphics programs (complex but still easy)
  • Creating your own graphics

Class #2:

  • Photo editing – the easy way
  • Screenshots
  • Working with color
  • Mobile Apps

By the end of this course, you will know where to find free graphics, use them, edit them, and make awesome graphics for your online marketing needs to attract new prospects and customers.

The Launch4Life Team
The Launch4Life Team
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The Launch4Life team helps business professionals use online marketing tools and social media platforms. Whether you’re a solo-preneur with a single product, or a small business team with a wide range of services, we can help launch your business to the next level.

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Gillian Whitney – Communications Specialist & Business Coach
With over 20 years in the Communications and Training industry, Gillian has the skills and experience needed to teach, coach, and mentor clients. As an Instructional Designer, Gillian has developed a wide variety of e-learning courses for students of all ages.

Certifications include: 

  • Strategic Intervention Coach Certification - RMT Core 100 Training with Tony Robbins & Chloe Mandanes

Janet Elie – Internet Marketing Specialist
Janet has over 30 years in the Financial Services Industry in marketing and management, coupled with 5 years of intensive dedication to online marketing and social media applications. Janet has coached and trained small business owners on how to adapt to the social media world.

Certifications include: 

  • Social & Community Manager Certification - Social Media Mastery with Digital Marketer